At Silver Bluff Elementary, teachers provide appropriate instruction, high expectations, and the same standards for all students. The content is challenging and stimulating for everyone and based on the assumption that all students can achieve these standards if given adequate opportunities to learn. The science program is responsive to the demands of a technological society and the needs of an increasingly diverse population. Innovative, active learning experiences for the students are desired over the more traditional, passive learning. The program fosters conceptual convergence of the sciences, mathematics, engineering, and technology with other disciplines. At our school, we also incorporate the following:

Dream in Green 

The Dream in Green Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to develop and implement projects that promote energy conservation and efficiency, environmental sustainability, and the use of renewable energy.

Fairchild Challenge 

Partnership with the garden to provide green opportunities to our students on a regular basis has been instrumental in bringing environmental awareness to our communities and schools while at the same time providing opportunities for enrichment in science in all grade levels (K-12). The Fairchild Challenge has been an important part of the science curriculum for years because of its multidisciplinary competitions and activities aligned with the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards. The program was designed by the garden to serve students of diverse interests, abilities, talents and backgrounds.

Elementary Science Fair

  • Encourages students to become involved in science in action and science as inquiry. 
  • The investigatory aspects of the M-DCPS Elementary Science Fair will be aligned with the current reforms in science as we move our students to forward as they compete in a global science environment. 
  • The global environment is process-driven, inquiry-based, and allows for the use of critical Habits of Mind. 
  • The elementary students who participate in the science fair will be able to extend their knowledge, use organizational practices, as well as generate, analyze, and assess the impact of their findings

SECME Competitions District Elementary

  • Encourages minority students to in the areas of science, mathematics, and engineering