Arrival Procedures

The safety and close supervision of our students during arrival is an important and necessary responsibility of our staff and parents. Students are not to be left unsupervised under any circumstances in any area of the school. In the event an emergency arises, please notify our office staff for assistance.

To facilitate this process, arrival procedures are stipulated as follows:

During arrival parents will not be allowed in the building.  Students in pre-k through first grade will be supervised in the cafeteria where students will sit in designated tables to wait for their teacher who will pick them up by 8:10 a.m. Students in second through fifth grades will be supervised on the PE Pavilion. Teachers will pick up their students by 8:25 a.m.  Students will be informed of line-up procedures, where exactly to line-up and expectations while waiting to be picked up.

Inclement Weather Drop-off (morning arrival):
During days with light rain, students in 2nd– 5th grade will line up under the Pavilion. In the event of inclement weather conditions, all students are to report to the cafeteria and be seated to wait for their teachers.

Parents are asked to drop off their children either in the front of the school or by the pavilion. Under no circumstance is a parent allowed in the parking lot.

Please remind your child not to wait by their classroom for the teacher in the morning unsupervised

Students should not be in school prior to 7:30 a.m. Free breakfast is served at 7:30 a.m.  Students arriving after the teacher has picked up the students from the cafeteria at 8:05 a.m. are to be dropped off by the parent in the specified areas. Students in Pre-k, kindergarten and 1st grade are to be dropped off at the gate by the PE Pavilion. Students in 2nd through 5th grade are to be dropped off in the front main entrance where students can walk directly to class, patrols and staff will be staggered along the hallways to assist students as needed.

Classroom instruction begins promptly at 8:20 a.m. for pre-kindergarten through first grade and at 8:35 a.m. for second through fifth grades.   If a student is not in their classroom at 8:20 a.m. for pre-k, k, 1st or 8:35 a.m. for 2nd through 5th, he/she is considered tardy and must report to the office for a tardy pass.