Arrival Procedures

Arrival procedures are stipulated as follows:  

  • During arrival times parents are to drop off students at the entrance doors or south side gate by the PE Pavilion. If a Pre-Kindergarten through First grade student arrives after 8:20 AM students are late and must be dropped off in our main entrance, however, parents may not enter the school building.  
  • All students in Pre-K through First grade will be supervised in the cafeteria. Students in Second through Fifth grades will be supervised on the PE Basketball Court. 
  • We ask that parents and visitors to our school do not enter the faculty’s parking lot on foot or with their vehicles. This creates an unsafe situation for students, parents, and visitors while teachers and staff are entering and exiting the parking lot. The lot is designed only for staff members.  

Bus Arrival Procedures  

  • Students who ride the bus to school will be dropped off at the Bus Drop Off Zone and escorted to the café by designated personnel.  

Rainy Day Arrival Procedures 

  • During days with light rain, students in Second through Fifth grade will line up under the Pavilion. In the event of inclement weather conditions, all students are to report to the cafeteria and be seated to wait for their teachers.